Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Congratulations, Affin Bank!!

We were very honored to be given a chance to participate in the Grand Opening of Affin Bank!

And the ceremony were GLOWed by balloons, arch and sky dancers.. weehoooooooooooooo

An archm with Affin Bank's corporate colors...
Giving more liveliness to the whole setup ;)

An of course, with the sky dancers, the venue became more attractive.. the sky dancer really gives a visual impact, indeed!

So let us all make the party even more HAPPENING!!

Helium Balloons, Giant Balloons, sand art, clowns, all are GLOWING PARTY HOUSE's expertise

So when there's a Party going on, u know who to call ;)


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sky Dancer for rental!

Haaa uols!

Glowing Party House, selain daripada menyediakan perkhidmatan jualan barangan keperluan parti seperti hats, noise maker, puffetti, confetti, loot bags, goodie bag, balloons, helium balloons, balloons decorations, balloon arch fuhh panjangnya list servis kami ni!

Kami juga menawarkan servis untuk menyewa Sky Dancer!

Sky Dancer ni dapat menambahkan kemeriahan suasana parti anda. Juga sesuai digunakan semasa perasmian kedai ;)

Hubungi kami untuk pakej-pakej yang amat menarik!

Eh.. Uols tau tak, weols pun ada menawarkan servis rental sand art juga!

Glowing Party House, your Party Professional!


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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Helium Balloons for Erin's 5th Birthday Bash

So sweettttttt!!!!!

White round balloons and pink heart shape balloons bouquet ordered by Mrs. Fifa for her daughter birthday bash on 31 August 2012. 

And also spiral 8x8 feet Arch....wowwww!!!!

balloons hang on the ceiling....nice right???

To order, call 0197901445 or email glowingpartyhouse@gmail.com